Collection: Tateplota

Once I and my husband decided that Teplota (Warmth) is our family business. Wood is extreamly warm, alive and beautiful material that has become our passion, art and work. We like the idea of a small family workshop where every thing is made by hands with good thoughts. There is a lot of Nature in our toys, we try to keep the original color and texture of wood changing only tree species. We believe that laconism and naturelness of our toys gives a huge space for kids' imagination developement, that is also a base for creativity and harmonious growth. Our dream is to create toys that could be passed to future generations.

This beautiful family owned business has been making artisan children's toys for many years now. With their workshop located on the outskirts of the city, set amongst a magical forest, they take most of their inspiration from the nature that surrounds them.

All of the materials used are sustainably and locally sourced. Every piece in their collection has been handmade with kindness, passion and respect for nature and the environment. They embrace these ethics wholeheartedly and value the importance of quality over quantity.

Each toy is lovingly and skilfully handcrafted, focusing on simple yet creative designs that inspire the hearts and minds of young children all over the world.