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Wean Meister was born shortly after my first daughter in 2009.

At a time when BPA in plastics was just beginning to scare parents about their product choices, I recognised the perfect synergy between silicone and weaning young babies.  We became the first Australian brand to develop soft and safe silicone baby feeding ware.

We thrived through word of mouth, because high quality was always a driving factor.  I couldn’t sleep at night unless I was using the highest standards because your baby’s wellbeing is paramount!

There are so many reasons why silicone is a perfect material to use when weaning your baby.

Wean Meister loves silicone because it is soft and smooth – Just like our babies!

Parents love silicone for their baby feeding products because it’s incredibly durable and can be used over and over again without becoming scuffed or damaged in anyway.

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