The easiest way to never be stuck on gift ideas for your children again!

The easiest way to never be stuck on gift ideas for your children again!

It can be so hard to think of what to gift your children or grandchildren or niece/nephew for their birthdays or Christmas. As you have more children, and space gets tighter in the home, it gets even harder! Suddenly you have everything...
Cue the introduction of 'subject' presents! Prompts to make selecting and thinking about gifting easier! Also known as 'mindful gifting'.
Choose 4 or mote from the list below - based on how many presents you want to gift. 
  • Something you Want... - listen to their interests, get them to choose something at the shops (or browse our site).
  • Something you Need... - new drink bottle? need a new pair of shoes? can basically be anything they need. Children love getting anything if it's wrapped up. Some cool socks or undies based on their interests is fun to them!




  • Something to Wear... - can be clothes, swimmers, towel, dress ups, play make up, nail polish, hair accessories, jewellery, bags, watches.



  • Something to Do... craft, activity sets, or an experience. Movie tickets, zoo pass.


  • Something to Share... this ones great for Christmas. Share with the whole family, just siblings or extended friends/family.


  • Something from Santa... the thing/things they asked for. 
  • Something to Read... a book, think of their interests and what might suit in the next 6 months or so. Look at chapter books, search and find books, comics.

 Do you do this already? Are you going to give it a shot? 

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