Collection: The Glitter Tribe

A little bit about Meg, the creator of the glitter tribe…

Meg had a pretty cool job. She spent her days doing hair and makeup for the faces you see on TV. One morning Meg was gathering her tools when her hubby,
Dr. C (an environmental scientist), saw her packing glitter. "Megs, that stuff is REALLY bad for the environment!”, he said in horror. Fully aware that Dancing With The Stars was not about to give up the sparkle, Meg told him it was 'just glitter'.

Dr. C went on to explain that regular glitter is a microplastic that will take a long, long time to break down. As well as being a gatecrasher in your garden, glitter can end up in rivers, lakes and the ocean to be swallowed by wildlife.

Shocked and heartbroken, Meg then put aside the plastic. She knew she could be a force for change and began searching for alternatives that very day. After a lot of hard work, sweat and tears, she succeeded – biodegradable glitter!

Our mission at the glitter tribe, is to disrupt and redefine the future of glitter, by stopping plastic in its tracks. 

Wondering how we can do this? Well ……. Because our glitter is made from plants not plastic, wherever it ends up Mother Nature will consume it and break it down.