Collection: Schleich

A Schleich animal in the hands of a child unleashes the full magic of their imagination. Our six playworlds provide space for limitless creativity and thrilling adventures. Travel between Farm World, Wild Life, Dinosaurs, Horse Club, bayala®, and Eldrador®. There are no boundaries between the worlds. If a rooster and a T-rex have a screeching contest in the farmyard each morning, well, that’s just how things go.

The roar of a T-rex and the booming steps of a gigantic brachiosaurus are far more than mere daydreams. They’re the basis for vibrant creativity and the ability, later in life, to solve problems by thinking uninhibited and outside the box.

Touch, feel, look, hold, explore – our ponies gallop around children’s playrooms as if they’d been taken directly from nature. It’s not just about how they look, or how their manes are styled. Equally important is how their coats feel to the touch, since kids, far more than adults, still experience their world with all the senses, which helps them to develop far more quickly.

That’s why all our animal heroes undergo rigorous quality testing before they can ride into playrooms. Only if they surpass exacting German and international standards are they allowed to win a place in kids’ hearts.