Collection: Kubi Dubi

The history of wooden toys in Russia is deeply rooted in the past and the tradition has continued from generation to generation. Nowadays, wooden toys have become safe and indispensable tools for developing imagination and fine motor skills in children, as well as helping them familiarise themselves with the world around them.

Kubi Dubi was born in 2017 after it's founders, could not find toys to satisfy their wants and needs. Naturally they only wanted the best for their children. They wanted toys that were engaging, high quality and completely safe, so after searching and never finding exactly what they wanted, they decided to make their own!

They researched global trends, purchased all their tools and established their brand.

At Kubi Dubi, one of their main focuses is the safety of toys in the hands of young experimentalists, therefore they watch intently over the quality of their production processes.

Sustainable materials and state-of-the-art equipment allow the creation of toys that are safe and cannot harm the child.

Their toys are handmade and created by skilled artisans who have extensive training and expertise in their field. Kubi Dubi believe that toy makers are assuming a great responsibility and therefore all of their manufacturing processes undergo rigid standard checks and are constantly monitored for quality assurance.

'By purchasing wooden toys, we show that we care about the environment and teach our children sustainability and how to take care of the world we live in' - Kubu Dubi.