Collection: Joey Mama

From the creators or Joey Mama:

JOEY is the creation of two sisters, Madison & Georgia, from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Being only 19 months apart in age we have always been very close. We grew up sharing a room, we travelled Europe together and we now live only a few minutes walk from one other.

We are also both mothers. Georgia has two daughters, Bonnie and Louie. And Madison has one daughter, Matilda. The idea for Joey was born over a breakfast catch up when we were both pregnant, we had no intention of starting a business together but by the time the scrambled eggs were finished, the ball for Joey had begun rolling. 

For both of us, motherhood was a shock. And while it is full to the brim of love and we are grateful for our babies every single day, it can also be incredibly hard. That is why we are SO passionate about supporting mothers. They deserve it and they need it. It is incredibly important that mothers make time for themselves, nurture themselves and treat themselves! 

Madison + Georgia