Collection: Small World Play

Small world play includes acting out different scenes or scenarios. Usually from real life events or popular culture at a young age. As your little darling becomes older, their imagination will grow to allow them to create their own stories and these resources are the perfect tools to encourage this. 

Small world play is usually created using small figures of people, animals, buildings, vehicles and then enhanced by small loose parts, coloured material, natural resources, dolls furniture. it can occur in any location, table top, indoors or outdoors. 

Small world play encourages language and literacy development as they create stories with plot, scripts, characters and props. It provides opportunity to discover and make sense of the world and events happening around them as they revisit these in a safe and inviting manner. Social connections can be strengthened as it often provides a safe, closed space to explore with one other peer or friend.

Here you will find people, furniture, open ended resources and play houses to create the special lands. Please see vehicles and animals in the other categories to also enhance your small world play.